Other industries include linen, aircraft, rope, tobacco, computer software, beer, military missile systems, fertilisers, computer hardware and oil refining. Belfast is a very historic city, dating back at least years. In parts of Belfast, the accent is such that the city sounds like it is spelt ‘Belfawst’! Street Map. On the right is a thumbnail of our street map of greater Belfast. To see the full map [82kB], click on the thumbnail. The roads on the map are labelled with numbers which are given around the edges of the map. However, we have also supplied an alphabetical list of the marked roads which give the number to look for on the map. This index is given at the bottom of this page.

The secret lives of Ireland’s Protestants

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There are still plenty of stereotypes about Protestants in Ireland. Many of them grew up being told that they were not Irish enough.

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Irish Protestants in 2017: Far from the stereotypically aloof, rich Anglophiles…

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Church of Ireland – Alan Ford. The Ulster Plantation was designed to reshape the political, economic and social landscape of Ulster, and, in many respects, it did just that, by changing irrevocably the pattern of settlement and landholding in the province. But the Plantation was not purely a secular enterprise — it also had a closely linked religious purpose. The settlement of the province and the creation of a Protestant church thus went hand in hand.

These bishops in turn set about taking over the previously Roman Catholic churches and dioceses in order to create an anglicised Protestant church, filling their parishes with clergy from England and Scotland who had come over with the settlers. By the s some of the dioceses in Ulster were, by Irish standards, rich and increasingly prosperous, with a good preaching ministry.

Indeed, Ussher possessed one of the greatest intellects that the Church of Ireland ever knew — James Ussher , Archbishop of Armagh from to , a master of church history, chronology, theology, and biblical languages. Ussher is famous as the man who worked out that the world was created on 23 October BC. He set out to show that St Patrick was, theologically, a Protestant who had operated in Ireland independently of the papacy.

This historical assertion enabled Ussher to create a respectable parentage for the Church of Ireland: it was not invented by Henry VIII, it was the legitimate heir of the Early Celtic church — hence the Church of Ireland was the rightful owner of the Irish churches and cathedrals, hence it, not the usurping Roman Catholic church, was the church to which the Irish people should give their allegiance. What Ussher had done was to create a respectable origin myth for Irish Protestants, one which was to have a powerful impact, right down to the 20th century.

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Loving dangerously

An Educational Charity Charity Reg. These laws were not a code in the strict sense of the word; rather they were an accumulation of laws dating from the Reformation to the reign of George II. Laws with similar intent also existed in England, but there both Catholics and Dissenters were minority groups. In Ireland, in three of the four provinces – Leinster, Munster and Connacht – Catholics formed an overwhelming majority of the population. No definite figures exist for religious affiliation, but probably between three-quarters and four-fifths of the population were Catholic; of the remainder about half were Presbyterians, who were concentrated in the remaining province of Ulster.

After the defeat of James II, frequent and systematic additions were made to the penal laws until after the Hanoverian succession.

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Protestant prisoners in a Northern Ireland jail begin a campaign for are part of a long running “communication link” through intermediaries dating back to

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Do you have 5 minutes to help us improve our website? Close Use this image under fair dealing. It refers firstly to the Loyalist tartan gang, the Rathcoole Kai. Bo Kerr, one of its original members, started a band in called ‘ Kai’ in homage to Kai Johansen, a Danish footballer who played for Glasgow Rangers in the late s. When Kerr and other young men from Rathcoole started the Rathcoole tartan gang he claimed he carried over the name from his band and the gang became known as the Rathcoole Kai.

The other supposed, and widely held meaning is that it is an acronym that stands for ‘Kill all Irish’. Finding common ground on this is problematic and depends largely on who is being spoken to. The Tartan Gangs were influenced by the Young Teams, violent Glasgow street gangs, and many of the Tartan Gang members were Rangers supporters who were exposed to the culture while visiting Glasgow to watch Rangers play.